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Brand : Vestar
Type :R32
Model : VASKS225ITET
Tonnage : 2.0T

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Vestar, a brand with best-in-class cooling solutions, is powered by the latest Japanese technology to ensure superior performance with low energy consumption. It is committed to provide optimized cooling for maximum comfort with robust technology that is easy to maintain and cost eective. A new age company with high quality development and production standards, Vestar only believes in oering products that are extremely durable and truly ecient. Performance and endurance is at the heart of its design thinking principles that have led Vestar to win over customers since its inception.

Inverter Air Conditioners

Built with the revolutionary inverter technology, Vestar air conditioners keep adujusting the speed and power of the compressor to maintain the set temperature in the room. They consume only the power that is required to keep the temperature within the desired range, thereby helping you save energy and power without compromising on comfort. So you can enjoy the best cooling experience at a minimum cost.

Save 50% Energy

Comfortable Air Flow

Comfort Cooling

Comfortable Air Flow

Comfortable Air Flow

  • 5 Star Rating
    5 Star Rating
  • Eco friendly Refrigerant
    Eco-friendly Refrigerant
  • 100% Copper Coil
    100% Copper Coil
  • 3nd Gen Inverter Technology
    3rd Gen Inverter Technology
  • High Density Filter
    High Density Filter
  • Turbo Cooling
    Turbo Cooling
  • Auto Restart
    Auto Restart
  • Powerful Cooling
    Powerful Cooling
Star Rating Units 5 Star
Tonnage 2.0T
Power Supply V/Hz/PH 220-240/50/1
ISEER   4.81
Cooling Capacity Btu/Hr  
Cooling Capacity W 3399(835-3810)
Power Consumption W 1769(340-2130)
Rated Current A 7.7
Moisture Removal L/Hr 2.4
Indoor Airflow(high) m3/hr 1200
Indoor Noise Level(low) dB(A) 39
Indoor Unit Dimension (W*D*H) mm 1131 x 235 x 315
Outdoor Unit Dimension(W*D*H) mm 860 x 310 x 667
Indoor Unit Weight (Net/Gross) kg 14.5/17
Outdoor Unit Weight (Net/Gross) kg 40/45
Connection Piping Size (Liquid/Gas) inch 1/4, 5/8
Max Piping Length m 25
Max Height Difference m 10
Refrigerant - R32
Compressor Type ROTARY
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