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Vestar VHX+ Series - VAVSO696FHH

Vestar VRF

Model No : VAVSO696FHH


Unit - 1 :  VAVSO232FHH
Unit - 2 :  VAVSO232FHH
Unit - 3 :  VAVSO232FHH



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Vestar VRF systems are designed specifically for harsh, humid and tropical condition of the indian subcontinent. Vestar VXC series adopts DC inverter scroll compressors. Its fan motor adopts variable speed and DC motor, which ensures efficient operation of the unit. Its enhanced vapour injection technology significantly improves perfomance and provides comfortable air-conditioned environment all around the year

Advanced features like self-cleaning outdoor units, automatic refrigerant judging and charging and one-key advanced commissioning makes it the most efficient and reliable VRF system. Pre-conceived controls and VIP mode of operation brings extraordinary user experience. The product capacity ranges from 4HP to 112HP. The wide range of indoor as well as outdoor units and system controls are designed to cater to all comfort applications 28 including residencial apartments, villas, farm houses, office buildings, factories, shopping 1-Way Cassette malls, school buildings, hospitals and clubs.

Asymmetrical Scroll Structure

The asymmetrical scroll structure effectively reduces refrigerant gas leakage during suction and compression and enhances operational efficiency and reliability.

Rapid Heating in Low Ambients with High Outlet Air Temperature

When the Vestar VHX+ Series is operating under a low outdoor ambient of -15°C, the outlet air temperature of the indoor unit can °C( in a short time. The outdoor unit has a fast and powerful heating performance, so it can offer you a warm and reach to 40°C or higher* comfortable environment in cold conditions.

High Ambient Cooling

Utilizing the newly designed compressor,VHX series can operate under the wide range of outdoor conditions with the expansion of cooling and heating temperature from -25 0 c to 52 0 c

Two-stage Sub-cooling; Bigger Capacity and Longer Pipe

The cooling section of the outdoor heat exchanger is uniquely designed to be more effective than the traditional outdoor units of the multi-split air conditioner without a sub-cooling design. First stage sub-cooling can lower tempertaure by 12.5 ̊c while two stage sub-cooling can reduce the temperature by 27 ̊c thus proving to be a far more efficient re-cooler.

◎ Increasing cooling capacity of the unit refrigerant
◎ Reducing the resistance when the refrigerant flows in pipelines
◎ Increasing the sub-cooling degree, more accurate controlling of electronic expansion valve, more stable operation
◎ Increasing sub-cooling degree , increasing the length of the refrigerant pipe

Power Supply V/Hz/Ph 380-415V 3N- 50HZ / 60HZ
Cooling Operation | Rated Capacity kW 204.0
Heating Operation | Rated Capacity kW 225.0
Air Flow Rate  min 888
Noise Level  dB(A) 71
Cabinet Color  - Grayish White
Compressor Type - Enhanced Vapour Injection DC Scroll Compressor
Gas Line mm 50.8
Liquid Line mm 25.4
Out Dimension  mm 1730*1350+1350+1350*750
Packing Dimension  mm 1930*1420+1420+1420*790
Max number of connectable IDU - 64
Max. Fuse Current A 200
Max. Running Current A 157.2
Net Weight  kg 1110
Gross Weight kg 1191
Compressor Quantity PC 6
Condenser Fan Quantity PC 6
Connection Ratio - 50% - 150%
COU's higher than IOU's  m 50
COU's lower than IOU's  m 40
Height Difference Between IOU's m 30
Max Total Piping Length m 1000
Refrigerant - R410A
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