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Vester Duct VADS18A4R1

This product was add on our catalog on 08-07-2014

Brand : Eltech
Type : Duct
Indoor Model : EADS18A5T
Outdoor Model : EADO18A5T



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Superior Comfort

Our duct type air-conditioners are designed to perform at high ambient temperatures without compromising in consistency, even upto 52°.

Eltech duct type air-conditioners come with a host of other features like a timer, auto restart, auto defrosting, and independent dehumidication to help you feel comfortable without any hassles.

Flexible Air Intake Ways

Air inlet from back standard and from  bottom optional. The size of the plate from bottom and ange from back is the same, it’s easy for installer to change the air inlet  from back to bottom.

Fresh Air

Fresh air opening as standard, it’s easy to connect.

  • Two-directional Air Flow
    Anti –cold Air Function
  • LED Display
    Auto Restart Function
  • Sleep Mode
    Wired Controller
  • Auto-Restart
    Independent Dehumidication
  • Turbo Operation
    Sleep Mode
  • Quiet Operation
    Auto Defrosting
  • Quiet Operation
Indoor Model VADS18A4R1
Outdoor Model VADS18A4R1
Cooling Capacity [Kw] 5.3
Cooling Capacity [BTU/hr] 18000
Room Air Circulation (High) Indoor 1000
Power Source [V - ph - Hz] 220~240/1/50
Compressor Type Rotary
Refrigerant Type R410a
Indoor unit Noise level (High / Med / Low) [db(A)] 47/44/38
Indoor Dimension (HxWxD) [mm] 290x890x785
Outdoor Dimension (HxWxD) [mm] 530x800x286
Indoor Weight (Net/Gross) [Kg] 32/37
Outdoor Weight (Net/Gross) [Kg] 38/41
Connection Pipe Size (Liquid/Gas) [mm] 6.35/12.7
Maximum Pipe Length [m] 20
Height Difference ** [m] 15
Operating Temperature [°C] up to 49°
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