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Vestar 1-Way Cassette Type - VAVI07Q1CH

Vestar Indoor Unit 1-Way Cassette Type

Model No : VAVI07Q1CH



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Vestar VHX series provides a wide selection of Indoor Units for Indoor decor and creates a personalised living space.

Aesthetically Appealing, Convenient Installation

Customers can choose the installation method according to different situations. The concise fashion elements style is suitable for renewal projects and un-decorated shopping malls or classrooms.

Efficiency DC Motor, Adjustable Air Speed

Adoption of the efficient DC motor and optimized duct design assure smooth air flow.

Wider 3D-air Flow Range

Broad air deflector design realized broad air supply range. The wind direction can be adjusted according to the need thus makes the customers feel more comfortable.

Standard Equipped Drain Pump

Standard equipped drain pump with the maximum drainage height up to 1200mm.

Intelligent Sensor (Optional)

Detects people and movement can regulate air blow accordingly. Air blow to the people or avoid people.

Fresh Air Introducing

The unit can introduce fresh air from the external environment. With the filter facility, the air quality is guaranteed.

Sound Pressure Level dB(A) 33/32/31/30/29/28
Power Supply V/Hz/Ph

AC1Φ 220V~240V/50Hz

Cooling Operation | Rated Capacity kW 2.2
Heating Operation | Rated Capacity kW 2.5
Outer Dimensions mm 192×910×470
Net Weight kg 19
Refrigerant  - R410A
Indoor Fan Air Flow Rate m3/h 372/354/336/306/288/276
Motor Power kW 0.04
Refrigerant Piping Connection - Flare-nut Connection (with Flare Nuts)
Liquid Line  mm Ф6.35
Gas Line mm Ф12.7
Condensate Drain - VP25 (Outer Diameter 32)
Cabinet Colur - Neutral White
Outer Dimensions mm 55×1,100×550
Net Weight  kg 5
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