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Vestar 4-Way Cassette Type - VAVI-30ULCH

Vestar Indoor Unit 4-Way Cassette Type

Model No : VAVI-30ULCH



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Vestar VHX series provides a wide selection of Indoor Units for Indoor decor and creates a personalised living space.

Broad Range of Air Supply suitable to be used in Rooms of High Ceilings and Large Spaces

Compact and Slim

The height of the unit is only 248mm (less than 24.2KBtu/h), so it can be installed in a small space inside a ceiling

Installation direction can be changed easily for Convenient Pipe Connection

The design of the squared unit body and squared installation bracket makes the unit body installable in any possible horizontal direction, therefore there can be a convenient position to connect the pipe

Body height is easily adjustable in the Corner Pockets

A pocket is provided for each of the four panel corners, so that the body height can be adjusted easily without removing the panel

Power Input reduced by applying the New Developed DC Fan Motor

With several new technologies such as the ferritic magnetic surface-mounted rotor, the centralized winding system and split core system, the motor efficiency is improved in all aspects

Drain Pump as a Standard Part

Sound Pressure Level dB(A) 36-34-32
Power Supply V/Hz/Ph


Cooling Operation | Rated Capacity kW 9.0
Heating Operation | Rated Capacity kW 10.0
Outer Dimensions mm


Net Weight kg 24
Air Flow Rate m3/h


Motor Power W 90
Piping Connections - VP25(OuterDiameterФ32)
Liquid Line  mm Ф9.53
Gas Line mm Ф15.88
Condensate Drain - Flare-nut Connection(with Flare Nuts)

Approximate Packing Measurement

m3 0.26
Standard Accessories - Suspension Drackets
Cabinet Color - Neutral White

Outer Dimensions

mm 37*950*950
Net Weight kg 6
Packing Volume  m3 0.08
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